Month: May 2019

Kids and Weddings

Making the decision to include kids in your wedding day celebration often proves tricky.

The Ultimate Music Guide

The vibes for the wedding are so important, and if you’re in the planning stage of one, then you know it goes deeper than just picking a song you like off the radio.

Lighting: Why it Should be in the Budget

Lighting elevates the overall look of the entire wedding design, yet it is often overlooked by couples when planning their wedding. Without the right lighting, a wedding design will always look flat.

Walking the Aisle Alone

Thinking of walking down the aisle solo? Consider these reasons why it’s totally, completely, 100 percent, OK to go down the aisle however you please.

The Art of the Quickie

Quickies always look incredibly steamy and exciting on TV and in the movies, but are they all that in real life? The greatest joy of a quickie is the passion that can be stirred. Whether you’re pressed for time or slipping away into a bathroom for a naughty rendezvous, the quickie can be super-hot.