6 Caribbean Luxury Hotels to Visit

Luxury means different things to different people. It can be the luxury of design; the luxury of outstanding service; the luxury of exceptional food and drink; and it can be the luxury of extreme tranquility.

The many manifestations of luxury mean that it can often be difficult to accurately define the term. But traveling the Caribbean, one thing is clear: you know it when you see it.

These six hotels—from St. Kitts to The Bahamas to Antigua—offer rich, unique interpretations of luxury, all with a common goal: making you feel marvelous.

Park Hyatt – St. Kitts

In a short time, Park Hyatt St. Kitts resort has become one of the signature hotels in the wider Caribbean region, thanks to everything from an outstanding culinary program to an inspired design aesthetic that marries St. Kitts’ architectural history with an avant-garde flair. It’s a new level of luxury hotel in the Caribbean.

Cap Maison – Saint Lucia

Located at the very northern tip of Saint Lucia, Cap Maison has 49 rooms and suites — but you get all the amenities of a far larger resort, from the spectacular Cliffside beach bar to the superb “walk-in” wine cellar (don’t miss one of the weekly tastings). It’s a very cool combination of Mediterranean and Caribbean sensibilities—and they both work hand-in-hand.

Sandy Lane – Barbados

This is the Grande Dame of Barbados hotels, the exemplar of Caribbean luxury and a reminder of why Barbados is famous for its elegance and grace. Sandy Lane truly is a grand place, where a sense of theater and ceremony follows your every step. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play or relax, whether it’s golf, tennis, sailing, the spa or a lazy afternoon on the Platinum Coast sand. A true Caribbean classic.

Carlisle Bay – Antigua

Antigua has one of the Caribbean’s most enviable collections of luxury hotels, all featuring the destination’s gorgeous beaches and renowned elegance. But it’s hard to top Carlisle Bay, set on the spectacular southern coast of Antigua. There are 87 suites, all bright and crisply designed, with an impressive slate of locally-sourced eateries from the Asian-fusion East to the popular Indigo on the Beach and a pervasive sense of secluded serenity.

Graycliff – The Bahamas

Where do gourmands go in the Caribbean? They come here. If you love to indulge in the finer things in life, this is mecca, whether it’s the onsite cigar factory, the chocolate factory, the cognac and rum collection or what is one of the largest wine cellars on the entire planet (and the biggest one in the entire Caribbean). Here in the heart of Old Nassau, Graycliff is a temple to the good life.

Coral Sands – The Bahamas

Here on Harbour Island, the luxury is in serenity. There’s a special energy on Pink Sand Beach, a kind of breezy tranquility, and it flows throughout the colorful rooms and cottages at Coral Sands. It’s a place where the design marries perfectly with the natural environment, a place that feels like your own private club. It’s a place for the luxury of the perfect beach.