6 Hidden Hideaways to Fit Into Your Bachelorette Weekend in Atlanta

Keep that “been there, done that” energy for the normal girls’ night out.

These hidden gems make the perfect scavenger hunt for a great bachelorette weekend in Atlanta. Whether you’re a tourist or a born-and-raised local, chances are these undercover escapes, little-known jewels and recently opened hangouts may be brand new to you. So, grab the girls, clear out your phone storage and get ready for a good time!

East Palisades Bamboo Forest

Head to the East Palisades trail to kick off your day with a little activity—which should clear the path for guilt-free calories to come later in your evening. Start at the Indian Trailhead entrance and make your way through a picturesque labyrinth, down small hills, across shallow creeks and along babbling brooks, which flow into the Chattahoochee River. A little over 2.5 miles into your journey, your true reward awaits—the city’s hidden bamboo forest. The majestic, towering bamboo stalks make for a perfect photo opportunity, and the setting is a great place to lay out a light picnic with your ladies.

Red’s Beer Garden

Mimosas in the garden and vineyard wine tastings may sound like the quintessential bachelorette activity, but have you ever considered beermosas and tater tots? We’re guessing probably not. While very unassuming on the outside, Red’s Beer Garden offers a surprisingly chill back garden patio. Pull up with your crew at one of the umbrella-covered wooden picnic tables to play backyard games and vibe. With more than 300 varieties of beer—from selections on draft to a wide showcase of canned lagers and ales—you can find something for every palate, including sweeter meads and ciders to convert the non-beer drinkers. Plus, the house beer expert can provide recommendations, from popular Black-owned brewery brands in stock to the best nonalcoholic beers.


Located in the brand-new Thompson hotel in Buckhead, Tesserae is the property’s members-only rooftop lounge and one of the newest scenes to hit the city (opening March 10). Fortunately, your bridesmaids don’t have to pull out all their cards nor exhaust all their connections just to get you a peek into the exclusive indoor/outdoor venue; certain suite-level guests of the hotel are permitted coveted access to Tesserae (but call for additional booking details). Dine on shared and small plates, like chicharrones, crab fritters and beef tartare. And there’s no need to ever fight for your bartender’s attention at this exclusive club; your bridal party will be assured no drink is left empty except by choice. And best of all, since you’re staying on the property, you can saunter to your suite when you’re ready to retire or head down to the Dirty Rascal lobby bar for a little more fun.

Splatter Studio

Historically, bachelorette parties have always been viewed as an excusable time to get a little dirty and off-color. Splatter Studio is your chance to do just that, literally. Through a private booking at the studio, guests are allowed to bring their own drinks and man their own playlists while donning protective wear and painting the town red … orange … green … whatever. Best of all, the mess is part of the fun, so guest painters are encouraged to splatter, smear and color outside of the lines. Now in a newly opened Virginia Highland’s location, the studio is also open to walk-ins and individual bookings, which start at $55.

JoJo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge

Opened last summer, this cocktail lounge is full of fun ’80s party vibes (think Scarface and Don Cheadle and Regina Hall’s Black Monday series). If you have yet to snag a reservation, do so fast (but note: you can’t book more than 30 days in advance and Mondays are walk-ins only). Then nestle your party into one of the plush, U-shaped loungers or bar tops, and let JoJo’s talented mixologists work their magic. Be aware that the venue doesn’t serve food, so hit JoJo’s for pre-game cocktails or a post-meal kickback. Also, an ideal place to start is just outside JoJo’s at the Politan Row food hall, which has everything from sushi to braised oxtail to Neapolitan pizza.

Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse

One of the city’s most unique escapes is a luxury treehouse raised 15 feet above another rare bamboo forest. The Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse, which is available to rent on Airbnb, has already been the setting for a few music videos and entertainment shoots, so why not a bachelorette party photo session? If the treehouse views aren’t enough to fill up your camera roll, then the property’s grazing llamas and alpacas will definitely finish up your storage. And if you’re feeling adventurous (or flexible), you and your girls can book a private session of llama yoga on the property for a few compromising positions that won’t get you in trouble with your fiancé.