7 Products for Enhancing Natural Hair: A Curated Selection for the Curly Bride

Black woman with natural hair

This year it’s all about embracing your natural hair! If you’ve been considering wearing your hair natural on your Big Day, allow us to be your guide to luscious, swoon-worthy crowns.

That being said, we understand potential concerns you may have, such as questions of longevity, maintaining that bounce and ensuring that your curls look shiny and luxurious throughout the course of the day. Our goal is to dispel these qualms and arm you with confidence to flaunt your natural hair as you walk down the aisle.

To make this dream a reality, we’ve meticulously combed through the myriad of curl products available to present you with an exclusive selection of top-tier products and brands. This carefully curated list shines a light on brands created and owned by people of color who are at the forefront of the curly hair revolution.

A diverse product ideation process-selection mirrors an increasingly heterogeneous population of curly girls. With this list, you’ll be sure to find a product to suit your curl type and curl pattern. Every curly brand founder was once a consumer just like you—waiting for the product they needed but couldn’t find on the market.

Amongst our selection, many of the products listed are vegan and free of harmful toxins. In other words, they were developed with a thoughtful approach and conscious effort for long-lasting good. This ensures that your hair is not only styled to perfection but that you may do so with respect and kindness to the environment and your overall health.

Pattern Hydration Shampoo

Start your routine with a bang—an award-winning product formulated by Tracee Ellis Ross that has won multiple awards, including the 2022 InStyle Best Beauty Buy Winner. This creamy hydration shampoo is designed to deeply moisturize parched strands and help with curl formation. This mild, hydrating formula gently foams to cleanse both hair and scalp, effectively lifting away impurities and buildup without depleting essential moisture. And we love the delicate floral scent of jasmine, bergamot and sweet sandalwood. It is formulated without the use of harsh cleansing agents, like SLS or SLES, and instead includes natural, gentle and moisturizing ingredients, including shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice, coconut oil and honey. A shampoo designed to cater to all hair textures—whether your hair is thick, fine, curly or damaged—this formula ensures your locks emerge from wash day clean and bouncy.

Ecoslay Creamy Hydration Conditioner

End your wedding wash-day shower with Ecoslay’s fermented rice water Rice Pudding plant-based leave-in conditioner. This product leverages the traditional Asian hair care secret of fermented rice water, known for its rich vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content. This plant-based leave-in conditioner and moisturizer blends the power of fermented rice water with marshmallow root extract and various herbal extracts to strengthen, nourish and improve hair elasticity. Marshmallow root extract naturally detangles and softens hair, while the herbal blend further hydrates. The conditioner is produced in small batches and is sustainably packaged. Moreover, the product’s ingredients are nationally sourced from a farm in Georgia, minimizing environmental impact.

Rizos Curls Detox Scalp Scrub

Rizos believes that the foundation of luscious locks begins right at the source—a well-cared-for scalp. The Detox Scalp Scrub carefully exfoliates buildup, dead cells and surplus sebum from the scalp. This scrub rejuvenates the scalp in time for your Big Day using natural ingredients and the purifying properties of pink clay, the calming benefits of aloe vera and the balancing qualities of peppermint oil. It’s particularly effective for those aiming to relieve dry, itchy and oily scalps. The scrub is vegan and is not tested on animals.

Bomba Curls

The Forbidden Hair Mask by Bomba Curls is an award-winning deep-conditioning treatment designed to rejuvenate curls by restoring elasticity, moisture and shine. Enriched with Dominican-based botanicals, this hair mask deeply nourishes the entire strand from root to tip, promoting strong and healthy hair growth. It is scented with the signature BOMBA essential oil blend.

Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse

Rizos Curl Defining Mousse is featherlight and ensures hair shine, moisture and curl definition without weighing hair down. It is meticulously crafted to not only boost your curls’ definition but also to provide them with the deep moisture they crave. The mousse is formulated with 96% natural ingredients and is nonaerosol. It includes the hydration-rich cactus flower extract, lustrous maracujá oil, resilient red algae and refreshing coconut water. Each application promises to imbue hair with health. This formula is a powerhouse of nourishment, packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to shield hair.

As I Am Jamaican Black Castor Oil Water

Infused with vitamins C and E, Jamaican Black Castor Oil Water can be used as the last step to your routine or as a way to refresh curls right before you walk down the aisle, enhancing manageability, moisture and shine. The amount of spray you should use is based on your hair’s moisture needs. This product can also help reduce flake produced from styling products. For lighter moisture, or those with fine or thin hair, this spray is an ideal choice as heavier products can diminish the hair’s natural volume.

Ominara Hair Strengthening Oil

Ominara’s Hair Strengthening Oil Extra Strength Edition is the powerful elixir you need if you struggle with dry hair, shedding and breakage. With herbal ingredients such as aritha, ashwagandha, fenugreek, sweet almond oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil and more, this hair oil strengthens, nourishes and revives hair for optimal health. With regular use, you can expect to see a transformation to thicker, healthier and more luscious locks that radiate vitality.

Inahsi Curl Sculpting Glaze

Pamper My Curls Curl Sculpting Glaze is a protein-free styling solution designed to tackle frizz and define curls with a glossy shine. The key ingredient, sunflower seed oil, is loaded with ceramides to help repair hair damage. The glaze guarantees a strong hold without leaving any flaky or white residue, making it perfect for smoothing edges and locking curls in place. Use this product to set your curls and ensure that they last from morning ceremonies to nighttime after-parties!

Bomba Pillowcase

Made for preserving great curls, this vegan satin pillowcase—available in both neon pink and black—is a great way to protect your hair while you sleep. Unlike cotton and linen pillowcases, satin creates less friction, helping to prevent breakage while protecting curls against frizz and single-strand knots. And this pillowcase does not absorb moisture, letting you wake up to smooth, undisturbed curls.