CBD for Brides: Skincare, Candy, Candles and More for Wedding Season Relaxation

Recent studies indicate the CBD market could reach $20 billion by 2024, and sales will be shifting from dispensaries to the general retail arena.

The new CBD marketplace will be incredibly mainstream, featuring products intended to soothe and relax without the high that THC offers. In that regard, CBD products can be an incredible solution for brides leading up to, and including, the wedding day because CBD can help to soothe and calm you both internally and externally without any intoxicating side effects, allowing you to look and, hopefully, feel your best without the jitters and anxiety that can come with planning and experiencing your Big Day.

Here are some suggested products that include high-quality, effective CBD extracts. From externally applied items, like serums, moisturizers and facial mists, to internally enjoyed products like gummies, tinctures and fizzy beverages, there’s a CBD product for everyone!


Aforé™ by Dr. Julius Few’s CBD Effusive is an antioxidant facial mist that combines naturally anti-inflammatory CBD with green tea, vitamin C and witch hazel to quickly calm skin and ease redness.

Ellis Brooklyn’s Marvelous Extra Rich CBD Body Cream recently won the 2021 Glamour Award for Best CBD Product. This decadent cream promises soothing, penetrative moisture that lasts.

Brown Girl Jane offers potent, effective CBD products in a variety of forms, from delightfully fragrant candles to tinctures. The company also offers Glow Luminous Facial Serum and Yoni Topical Oil, intended to offer soothing external moisture.

Tonic sells doses and topicals to ease your mind and body. Its CBD is available in pre-rolls, an elegant vape pen, and tinctures for your every need, as well as in products like body butter and face oil. 

Mantra Mask by skincare pioneer Dr. Hal Simeroth features all-natural CBD sheet masks, perfect for treating dry, stressed-out skin. These can be used for relaxing moments anytime, but they’re especially recommended to soothe skin after sun exposure. 

The Hempire is a Black woman-owned CBD brand offering products for skin, hair, and more. Check out the online shop for everything CBD, from body cream to bath bombs and beyond.



Cannabis emporium Canopy Growth is behind brands like Martha Stewart’s CBD line—the delicious CBD gummies are such a good thing. Try the 15 flavor gummy sampler box for candy that chills you out without clouding your mind.

Canada’s most popular CBD drink is now available on American shelves. Quatreau is a line of cannabis-infused, naturally flavored sparkling water beverages. Sip them to relax as needed, or mix them into smoothies, mocktails or even cocktails.

For more yummy gummies and CBD-infused dried fruit, check out Verma Farms, one of the most unique CBD brands on the market today. They’re all about CBD edibles inspired by the Hawaiian Islands. The products are 100% organically grown with sustainable agriculture.

Hemp in Everything is a Black-owned lifestyle brand that offers just that—a variety of products for humans and our pets that includes CBD in every form. This business cultivates, creates and sells USDA-approved CBD products like body wash, salves, beard conditioners and more. 

Black woman-owned CBD brand Toastyy sells supplements, tinctures and topicals in cool packaging made for ease of consumption. The brand is dedicated to “relaxation, confidence and embracing the goddess within.” 

Adorn your food with CBD spices and sauces by Aroma CBD—from BBQ sauce to olive oil, black pepper, and turmeric, Chef Leighton Murdock intends to create dishes and spices to benefit the mind and body. 

For high-quality, small-batch CBD chocolates, check out Flor de María Chocolates made from sustainably sourced Latin American cocoa. These beautifully packaged bars come in unique flavor blends like lemongrass and ghost pepper caramel.