The Honeymoon Quiz

Not sure where to start with honeymoon planning? Take our quiz to reveal the type of trip that’s right for you.

1. How would you describe your approach to life?

a) Full of new challenges: I love setting myself goals to achieve

b) Calm and consistent: I find my routine reassuring

c) Super social: I like meeting new people and seeing friends

d) Spontaneous: I’ll try anything once

2. What’s your spirit animal?

a) An elephant

b) A dolphin

c) A cat

d) A horse

3. What’s your social network of choice?

a) Facebook: I like to show friends and family what I’m up to

b) Pinterest: I’m always dreaming about my next project

c) Twitter: I need to keep up on the latest news and trends

d) Instagram: I love sharing photos of all the amazing things I see

4. What sort of camera do you own?

a) A GoPro

b) An iPhone

c) A vintage film camera

d) A digital SLR

5. It’s Saturday night. What are you drinking?

a) Just water. I need to be fresh for my morning run

b) A few cocktails with friends

c) A bottle of red wine with dinner

d) A couple of beers in the garden

6. What are you reading at the moment?

a) I’m listening to an audiobook/podcast on my way to work

b) A novel and a book about mindfulness

c) The news on my phone

d) A travel magazine

7. You need to go to the supermarket. What do you do?

a) Choose what I want when I get there

b) Go online to get everything delivered

c) Write a list and tick things off as I go around

d) Remember everything I need in my head

8. What’s your idea of a romantic movie?

a) True Romance

b) Dirty Dancing

c) Amélie

d) Brokeback Mountain

9. What would you like your partner to do more of?

a) Plan activities

b) Give me a massage

c) Book theater tickets

d) Take time to listen to me

10. What’s your idea of a culture trip?

a) Six hours on the roof of a bus, packed full of people and chickens

b) A good book on the beach

c) A guided tour to see some prehistoric cave paintings

d) Watching gorillas in the wild

11. What’s most romantic?

a) Breakfast on a mountain at sunrise

b) Beers on the beach at sunset

c) Dinner by the light of the moon

d) Falling asleep under the stars

12. What’s your idea of an adrenaline rush?

a) Jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet

b) Watching someone else water-ski

c) Standing at the top of the Empire State Building

d) Riding a bike down a steep hill

13. What’s your idea of a romantic place to stay?

a) A tent

b) A beach hut

c) A loft-style apartment

d) A tree house

14. What are you most likely to bring back from your honeymoon?

a) A lump of volcanic rock

b) A tan

c) A piece of indigenous art

d) A new talent for imitating


Mostly As: Embark on an action-packed adventure

After the excitement of the wedding day, you’re looking for a honeymoon that will let you keep hold of that “top of the world” feeling. Whether it’s climbing the Canadian Rockies, skydiving in New Zealand or skiing in Switzerland, you want your honeymoon to be adrenaline-fueled. For you, life and love are an intense experience and you can’t think of anything more romantic than the view from a mountain top once you’ve reached its peak.

Mostly Bs: Escape to paradise

The beauty of a beach honeymoon is that there really are no demands on you. Whether you’re staying in a five-star resort in the Maldives, renting a villa in Mallorca or a beach hut somewhere in Southeast Asia, this honeymoon is a chance to sleep late, snooze in the sun and sneak off for siestas. It’s about enjoying life’s little pleasures — feeling sand between your toes, the smell of sun cream, the sound of waves gently lapping. Pure. Joy.

Mostly Cs: Take a culture trip

To avoid feeling a sense of anticlimax after the wedding, you’ll want a honeymoon that keeps you busy, interested and entertained. Whether it’s the bright lights of Shanghai, the ancient palaces of Andalucía or the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, you’ll want to explore a new place, experience an alternative culture and learn about a very different way of life — together.

Mostly Ds: Get back to nature

For you romance is about experiencing the peace, beauty and spontaneous joy of the world around you, so consider a trip such as a tailor-made safari in Tanzania or a backpacking adventure in Borneo. Wherever your honeymoon takes you, you’ll want to be outside to see the sun rise, feel the rain on your skin as you explore hand in hand and hear the crackle of the campfire as you fall asleep under the stars.

Reproduced with permission from The Honeymoon Handbook, © 2017 Lonely Planet, modified by Brandon Presser.