Honeymoon Sex

The wedding is over, and now it’s time for the honeymoon…sex. 

Lifetime movies paint the picture that honeymoons are long walks on the beach, room service and, of course, lots and lots of honeymoon sex! There’s obviously a lot of sexual expectation that gets placed on the honeymoon. It can be a lot of pressure to make it perfect. To help you focus on enjoying the opportunity to celebrate and connect, here are some tips to ensure you have a hot and steamy honeymoon.

Don’t Put too much pressure on Honeymoon Sex

Honeymoons can feel overwhelming for a lot of couples because they want everything to be perfect. Many couples also view the honeymoon as an indicator of how healthy or unhealthy their sex life will be for the rest of their marriage. The reality is that many couples are too exhausted for sex the night of the wedding and spend the beginnings of their honeymoons simply decompressing from all the planning. Give yourself the space to relax, and don’t put pressure on yourselves to make the honeymoon one big sex marathon. 

Talk things out before the wedding

A great honeymoon means being on the same page as your spouse right from the get-go, and the best way to do that is to talk things out well before crunch time. Set aside time to express both of your expectations for your honeymoon. The key to a great honeymoon is planning something awesome that will leave both of you feeling like you got what you wanted from the experience.

Try something new

A honeymoon is a perfect time to try something new, whether in bed or out. Your honeymoon will be the perfect time for the two of you to explore new things. Make the most of your alone time together by talking with your partner about what you’re both into, and then go for it. Whether it’s blindfold play, public sex, or doing a new activity together, this is one of life’s rare opportunities to plan out exactly how you want to spend your time. So, it’s important to make sure you’re prioritizing the right things.

Pack lube

Lube is an absolute must as well, even if you don’t normally need it. After all, you don’t want anything to put a damper on your honeymoon bonding. If you like, you can even make things extra special by bringing along a flavored or scented option that will make playtime that much more fun!

Dress up in lingerie

A honeymoon is a great occasion to go shopping. Pick out lingerie you feel amazing in—and show it off to your partner for the first time. You should feel hot, sexy, and confident to get the most out of your lingerie. Special lingerie is for more than just one night, it’s an investment in yourself. It’s always fun to experiment, but pick a style that you will wear beyond the honeymoon and is comfortable so you can focus on your partner and not your own feeling of discomfort.

Find your new favorite sex position

If you’re looking to spice up an already good sex life, make a list of some things you’re interested in exploring. Read up on some sex position guides and choose something new and fun for you and your partner to try. Also pack a goodie bag of vibrators, edible chocolate, handcuffs, etc. Whether it’s standing sex, reverse cowgirl, or bondage, the goal is for both of you to have a honeymoon filled with multiple orgasms!