Dollar Bills Y’all: Here’s How to Ask for Cash Gifts

How to Ask for Cash Gifts

Not interested in traditional wedding gifts like appliances and cookware? Maybe you’d prefer funds toward a down payment on a home or car? Here are 5 tips to consider when requesting and receiving cash gifts. 

No matter what your reason, the cash gift continues to grow in popularity and is considered one of the most useful and appreciated gifts of all. If you’re curious about how to ask for money instead of the traditional gifts without being tacky, we’ve laid out some things you’ll want to avoid and tips on how to ask and handle cash gifts.  

Share Why 

Don’t be shy. Let your guests know why you are requesting cash. Guests will appreciate knowing that their cash gift will be put toward something that will improve your lives together rather than a shopping spree. If you’re putting money toward a dream honeymoon, home renovations or a rainy-day fund, consider sharing with your guests on your wedding website or ask your parents and bridal party to spread the word. 

Do not Ask for Cash on the Invitation

While you may be tempted to ask for cash on your wedding invitation, this is definitely considered a no-no. Besides, it looks trifling and can make your guests feel like the only reason they’ve been invited is for a check. So, while it’s OK to include registry information on your wedding website, never include it on the invitation.

Consider Word of Mouth

Uncomfortable with coming right out and asking? No worries. Simply ask your close family members and wedding party to politely share your wants, should they be asked by anyone asking for gift recommendations. This way, you’ll have your request heard all while adhering to traditional wedding etiquette rules.  

Crowdfund Your Honeymoon 

If you’re interested in having your guests contribute to your honeymoon fund, then consider signing up for Honeyfund. Honeyfund is an online honeymoon registry where guests can securely contribute to paying anything from your airfare to excursions.

Don’t Limit Options 

Regardless of your request for cash gifts, there will always be traditionalists who prefer to give material gifts. This is why you should consider creating a traditional gift registry, even if you feel you have everything you need. Taking this route allows your guests to have options and allows you both to receive or upgrade things you’ll use in your happily ever after. Let’s be real—you don’t want to receive a regift from Aunt Gladys.