How to Buy Beauty Products without Stepping in a Store

Mobile, social and e-commerce platforms, as well as augmented reality, have infinitely changed the way consumers research and shop for the things they need. Even with all that information, buying beauty products online can be tricky.

Whether you are shopping for something you haven’t tried before or attempting to get the best bang for your buck, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options.

And unlike less personalized items, beauty products need to look and feel right for your own skin, hair and nails. So how can you efficiently dig through the clutter to identify the products that will work best for you?

Here are five tips to consider when shopping for beauty products online:

See what it looks like out of the tube. Lower prices and loyalty points are great. Finding the right product online can seem intimidating when you can’t see or feel it in real life. If you can’t test a color in-store, try to find the swatch online or identify third-party tutorials showcasing application to get a more realistic view of how the product will look and perform on your skin. Some of the best tips can also be found on Pinterest or private Facebook groups specifically for beauty lovers.

Test it out (virtually). Brands using the latest technology have made it possible to try out looks without having to navigate beauty aisles. Amway’s Artistry Virtual Beauty App uses smart facial detection to guide true-to-life makeup application in real-time or on selfie photos. Android and iOS app users can test, discover and purchase products like the new Artistry Studio NYC Edition that channels inspiration from cities around the globe. The first edition captures the hustle, heart and unapologetic style of NYC with six products, from all-in-one palettes to double-duty sticks for eyes and lips, that make glam-on-the-go effortless.

Raise your hand for updates. Sign up with your favorite beauty brands and their reps to receive information and alerts on new products, sales and limited-edition collections. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the latest launches or having to deal with the disappointment of finding the perfect product only to realize it’s no longer available!

Steer clear of unauthorized e-tailers. When buying beauty products, make sure to shop only from official brand channels like brand reps, websites and apps. This will guarantee that the product you receive is new, undamaged and in good quality.

Do your research. Compare e-shops and brand sites so that you can identify a standard price. Once you determine the value, it becomes possible to eliminate stores that are unreasonably expensive. The key to finding the best deals? Purchase products you trust, and spend extra time sourcing the best price. The options may seem limitless when it comes to searching for the ultimate beauty products online. These tips will help to make your next experience more seamless and successful.