How to Plan a Destination Wedding: 7 Places to Consider

So, you are from one part of the country and your boo is from another. Yet, you met and now live in a city all your own? With family and friends scattered throughout so many different places, how do you decide on the perfect destination wedding spot to host your nuptials?

According to tradition, weddings typically are produced and take place in the hometown of the bride. But these days, the rules are changing! It’s become increasingly popular for a couple to pick a destination of their choice. After all, this is about the two of you beginning your life’s journey together. What better way to start than in a place that is special or of unique interest to you both? A destination wedding is about carving out your own personal experience with your fiancé while creating an unforgettable experience to share with the people you love the most.

Here are seven places to consider when deciding on the perfect spot to celebrate!

Your current location is a desirable “destination” for all your guests since it’s a popular place to visit.

Say you are from the East Coast, but you live in Southern California — a place filled with gorgeous wedding venues and ideal weather nearly year-round. You will likely find that your guests will be happy to make the trip across the country — especially in the fall and winter months, when they will be excited to escape the cold. The same thing goes if you live in a mountain town and want to plan a beautiful winter or summer wedding or reside in a larger city that people tend to frequent or enjoy. If your adopted home is already a destination of its own — with easy airport access and a variety of hotel options — it could make for an ideal dream destination wedding.

Your hometown is where most of your friends and family live, so it makes the most sense to return to the nest.

Perhaps you grew up somewhere more off the beaten track, but most of your family and childhood friends still reside in the area. Your wedding could be the perfect opportunity to return to your roots and create a meaningful experience for the people who have been in your life from the very beginning while sharing an important part of your personal history with the new people you’ve met along the way. Whether you plan the event at your parent’s home, your family’s church, the country club where you spent your summers or somewhere else of meaning, it’s a chance to reveal a true piece of yourself with those important in your life.

Host at either yours or your partner’s hometown.

Mr. Wonderful/Ms. Wonderful comes from an awesome spot and it would be so fantastic to host the wedding there. If your betrothed grew up somewhere special that has become a significant part of your relationship, it could be ideal and appropriate to plan your dream destination wedding there. Whether it’s a big city that you love to visit, or a stunning countryside property that you know will continue to be an important gathering place for you as your own family begins to grow, it could be a great alternative destination. Having your wedding in your fiancé’s hometown could be a wonderful and meaningful option for you — and a great chance to introduce your family and friends to a place that has become near and dear to your heart.

Paying homage to your roots.

You or your boo have a vacation destination that over time has become an important part of the fabric of your lives. Often, family vacation homes and vacations are where so many important memories are made. So, it could make sense to host your wedding at one of these special places. For example, a couple we know went to Aspen every year for the holidays. When it came time to plan their wedding, they knew they wanted to hold the event in their beloved mountain town.

Perhaps your fiancé has a beautiful lake house, where you love to spend your summers and free time. There is nowhere else you would rather get married than on a grassy knoll overlooking the water.

A destination wedding in one of your favorite vacation spots is a great way to share a place with your guests, who otherwise, wouldn’t have the chance to know about the history that has been made there.

You may be from different cities and yet met in a third city and want to commemorate your experience by having your wedding there.

Perhaps a friend introduced you to your significant other while you were visiting New York City. Or you happened to cross paths while on vacation in Miami. Or, even better, on a plane on the way to somewhere great. Maybe you met during your college years at a specific university, or in a European city while studying abroad. Whatever the storyline, returning to the place where you first met could have incredible significance for you and your partner. And it could be a wonderful, full-circle way to commemorate your first encounter with your family and friends and celebrate your dream destination wedding.

You both decide you want to have a wedding where neither of you has ever been to.

Sometimes couples choose to host their dream destination wedding in a place on their own bucket list. Going somewhere you’ve never visited before can serve as the launching spot for the honeymoon or travels. Or maybe, you will combine the affair into an extended week or longer celebration. Then it can serve as both wedding and honeymoon. Whatever the reasoning, choosing a stunning tropical resort or an even more far-flung locale can create the perfect vacation opportunity for everyone. And, with discounted room-rates and group activities, you can offer an unforgettable trip-of-a-lifetime for family and friends to experience together, and at a much lower price.

You’re both majorly adventurous and want to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

For the most adventurous duos of all, a wedding is an excuse to go on another amazing thrill-seeking journey. These types of trips develop memories (and photos) that will last a lifetime. Think going on safari in Africa, scuba diving in Australia, surfing in Costa Rica or mountain climbing in the Rockies. These destinations create an unbreakable bond between couples and guests, and the ultimate dream destination wedding.

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