Intimate Bordeaux Wine Tasting with Les Vignobles André Lurton

Exclusive wine tasting at Corkscrew in New York City with winemaker Bordeaux tasting with acclaimed winemaker Jacques Lurton of Vignobles André Lurton.

SIGNATURE BRIDE was recently invited to participate in an intimate Bordeaux wine tasting with Jacques Lurton, group president and acclaimed winemaker of Vignobles André Lurton.

The event was hosted by our wine and spirit partner, Gregory & Vine, and was held at Corkbuzz in the Chelsea Market in New York City. The exclusive gathering provided a rare opportunity for a select few to experience Lurton’s innovative winemaking techniques firsthand, showcasing his unique expertise in blending tradition with creativity.

Known for his global influence and technical finesse, Lurton has brought a fresh perspective to winemaking in Bordeaux, France. The event featured new releases and surprises from two of his renowned châteaux, Château Bonnet (Entre-deux-Mers) and Château La Louvière (Pessac-Léognan).

Guests feasted on a smorgasbord of food while sampling a variety of wine, including the winery’s 2022 Château Bonnet Blanc, 2022 Château Bonnet Rosé, 2018 Château Bonnet Rouge, 2020 Château La Louvière Blanc, 2018 Château La Louvière Rouge and the event’s surprise micro-cuvée, the 2020 Coeur Perdu (100% Cabernet Franc).

Château Bonnet has been the Lurton family home since 1897 when it was purchased by Jacques Lurton’s great-grandfather, Léonce Récapet. Since then, five generations of Lurtons have made wine here, supporting the estate’s continued growth and evolution through increased sustainability and environmental efforts. Most recently, Lurton has introduced practices such as creating an eco-garden to promote biodiversity, installing beehives to support pollinators, and innovative new packaging designs that include lighter-weight bottles, labels made from at least 50% hay or recycled paper and reused ink and foils for label stamping.

These efforts have reduced Château Bonnet’s carbon footprint by more than 400 tons per year, earning the property the high environmental value certification HVE3, the highest level of environmental certification since 2017. This commitment to reconnecting with the land echoes in Lurton’s philosophy: “Great wines start in the vineyard.” The world-class wines of Château Bonnet proudly represent the terroir of Entre-deux-Mers offering a balanced, easy-drinking and approachable experience for both new and seasoned Bordeaux enthusiasts.

Château La Louvière is a truly emblematic estate of Vignobles André Lurton and the Pessac-Léognan region as a whole. Classified as a historical monument, it is a treasured family legacy which has produced wines that have been amongst the Grands Crus of Bordeaux since the 15th century. These renowned wines, both red and white, have captivated palates worldwide, fostering a unique bond with those who indulge in their exquisite flavors. The remarkable terroir of this estate shines through in its wines offering tremendous complexity and balance while remaining accessible for enthusiasts of all levels.