SIGNATURE BRIDE’s Guide to Wedding Day Lashes 

When it comes to bridal makeup, the pièce de résistance is your lashes. 

Lashes complete any look on your wedding day. It’s not a question of if you should wear lashes but which you should choose. We took a look at the four styles to help get you to your perfect lash: strips, magnetics, Latisse or lash extensions. 

Fluttery, full eyelashes look so elegant in person, and they also make for stunning wedding photosWith so many wedding day decisions to make, let us make this one easy. Here’s the SIGNATURE BRIDE guide to picking the perfect lash for your wedding day! 

The Less Permanent Wedding Lash 


Strip lashes are the least permanent but the most cost-friendly option. If you’re a bride who wants to have long lashes without any commitment, then strips might be for you. The difference between choosing a strip lash or not is if you have a makeup artist to properly apply them. Without an artist, the application can be messy for your makeup, and if you’re a newbie, they can take a long time to apply. With a makeup artist, strip lashes are usually included in the package (but make that clear). Be prepared to have backup glue for when your artist leaves because nothing would be worse than having a lash lift on your Big Day! 


Magnetic lashes are the newest take on lash application. These faux lashes have magnets along the base of the strips. They’re the less permanent choice for the more sensitive eye. The glue can often be irritating with strip lashes, but with magnetics, the glue is removed from the process. That means goodbye mess! These lashes can be applied with a magnetic eyeliner or with a second magnetic strip of lashes that go underneath your own lashes to cling to the falsies on top. Magnetics are like a pair of stiletto shoes: You wear them for cute pictures and then take them off. A pair of magnetics rarely last all day without peeling off or lifting. They also cannot be shaped to your eye as other lashes can. If you’ve been itching to try magnetic lashes, give them a test run before the Big Day.

The Semipermanent Wedding Lash 

If you want a natural wedding day lash that enhances your real lashes long-term, Latisse is your best bet. Latisse is an FDA-approved prescribed treatment that goes on the lash line (usually applied at night). The novelty of this product is that it can grow your natural lashes longer than ever before! But beauty costs. Latisse goes for around $250 and requires a prescription. Latisse is not a quick fix to short lashes. After a few weeks results are noticeable. Starting Latisse may be something to add to the mix of pre-wedding day preparations. 

Lash Extensions 

If you want a lash that’s glamourous and durable, lash extensions are the answer! As the most permanent choice among falsies, these lashes take away the concern of wedding day lash lifting. Applied by a licensed technician, individual lash hairs are glued to your natural lashes. Lash extensions are so sought after because they can offer the widest variety of styles. This beauty treatment requires a trip to the salon and can get costly—up to $350—depending on the type of lash you get. For them to look and last their best, there are more steps to care for them in comparison to other lash types. Extensions should be done around two to four days before the wedding day so that they still look fresh. This is the most common choice for brides because of the beautiful, instant result! 

Life is short, but your wedding day lashes shouldn’t be!