The Best Bubble Bath Products to Relax With Tonight

Baby, it’s cold outside! There is no better way to warm up and say goodbye to stress than with a luxe bath. Whether you want a tub full of bubbles or a silky soak with tons of fizz, our editors picked some of their favorite bath products just for you! And the best part — they are all available online! So light some candles, put on some music, and calm the mind (and soothe your skin) while you soak away! 

Bamford Geranium Bath Oil is an intensely aromatic fusion of non-foaming oils that diffuse naturally in warm bath water. Vitamin-rich sweet almond and apricot kernel oil, high in nourishing oleic acid, restore your skin’s natural glow while essential oils of geranium, lavender, peppermint and tonka revitalize body and mind.

Fresh Rice Sake Bath is inspired by the ancient beauty rituals of Japanese Geisha who were known to use sake to purify and soften their skin. Sake Bath is a purifying soak comprised of more than 50 percent detoxifying sake that works to ease body tension and promote relaxation while leaving the skin soft, smooth and moisturized. Its luxurious scent comes from the tradition of infusing baths with real persimmons.

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Honey Bath’s thick, rich bubbles leave your skin velvety smooth and your senses calm and relaxed, while a nourishing blend of shea butter, vanilla extracts, sweet almond proteins, hydrolyzed rice, oat proteins and pro-vitamin B-5 moisturize, rebalance and protect the skin.

Lush Cosmetics’ Pele de Sel Bath Bomb is hand-pressed and draped in golden salt. Not just any bath bomb, Perle de Sel is evocative, yet delicate rose absolute balances and calms, while floral cassie absolute swirls in the water, relaxing, soothing and pampering.

The Ritual of the Dao Bath Foam lets you find harmony with the relaxing fragrance of white lotus and nourishing qualities of yi yi Ren, which is regularly used in Chinese medicine. Your skin will feel nourished and silky smooth, your mind relaxed and your soul at peace.

Bathorium’s Snooze Bomb is inspired by nature and the beautiful hues it can create. Watch your tub turn a light shade of violet from the finely ground hibiscus flowers that release a soft floral fragrance. Bergamot and patchouli oils relax your mind while the salts and butters moisturize and leave the subtle scents of the essential oils on your skin long after you’re finished.

Deep Steep Vanilla Coconut Bubble Bath is filled with organic coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil and aloe vera, making this bubble bath a soothing moisturizer, while essential oils and plant extracts lull you into a state of bliss.

Whether you’ve had a stressful day, need a boost of energy or feel a tad under the weather, InstaNatural Bath Bombs give you the pick-me-up you deserve. The Relax Bomb creates a peaceful oasis with lavender, cedarwood and ylang ylang essential oils. Energize Bomb uses bergamot, grapefruit, lemongrass and Mandarin essential oils to invigorate and renew the senses. And Breathe Bomb features eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender essential oils to support a healthy respiratory system.

TokyoMilk Skull with Roses Bubble Bath No. 6 is an ethereal and romantic pacification of deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid and ebony. Japanese green tea, avocado, olive oil and vitamin E help relax your body while gently removing dirt, residue and impurities.