The Top Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2024

Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2024

Since COVID-19, our outdoor living spaces have become much more than spaces for weekend barbecues. Whether it’s a small patio or balcony or a backyard, these outdoor spaces are being transformed into sanctuaries where we go to decompress from our hectic lives and gather with family and friends to celebrate life’s special moments, like engagements, weddings, birthdays and more.

Following are outdoor living trends designers say are poised to shape the way we live, unwind and entertain in our outdoor living areas this summer.

Restorative Retreats

With self-care an increasing priority, it’s no surprise that creating a sense of sanctuary tops the list of trends expected to influence outdoor living this summer. Connecting with nature is critical to maintaining optimal health. Creating a restorative backyard retreat can be as simple as turning a cozy corner into a reading nook by adding plush cushions and pillows. Or, with a little more budget, you can transform a deck into a tranquil space for yoga or meditation. Simple additions, like fencing, privacy screens or lattice, can enhance a sense of sanctuary and luxury.

Sustainable Selections

People are more conscious than ever of their environmental footprint and want to create outdoor living spaces that last without leaving a damaging impact. Native plantings, pollinator gardens, stormwater capture and Xeriscaping are all gaining popularity. Likewise, demand for eco-friendly materials is on the rise, from composite decking to sustainable, weather-resistant furniture. Consider natural materials and textures like rattan, jute, stone, terra-cotta and wood.

Smart Home Features

This year many homeowners are seamlessly integrating outdoor lighting and entertainment systems, connecting their indoor and outdoor living spaces while creating the ultimate environment for entertaining or relaxing. Think smart umbrellas, motorized canopies and high-tech lighting all controlled by your phone or the click of a button.


Lighting creates an intimate, functional and stylish ambience while transforming any space into a stylish oasis. Consider string lights draped overhead for a magical glow, and lanterns and solar-powered fixtures for charm and functionality.

Luxe Upgrades

Luxury upgrades are also on the minds of many designers and homeowners, according to Cosentino’s 2024 trends report. According to the report, homeowners are integrating bars, fire features and outdoor kitchens into their outdoor living spaces, along with pools and plunge pools.

Blending Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Another trend is blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces by making the outdoor space feel like a natural extension of your home’s interior. You can do this by creating outdoor dining areas, outdoor cooking areas and outdoor seating or living rooms.