The Wedding Party

Each member of your bridal party plays a specific role from the day they say “yes” to standing up in your wedding to the day-of. 

Below is a list of who does what. Roles can change but this is a traditional list for you to use.

Your Queen Diva (Maid or Matron of Honor)
  • Helps coordinate bridesmaids’ activities before and during ceremony
  • Attends all prewedding parties
  • May arrange bridal shower
  • May help record shower and wedding gifts
  • May act as an official witness for the marriage license
  • Unofficially calms the bride’s nerves
  • Helps bride dress for the ceremony, reception and departure of reception
  • Greets the officiant
  • Arranges wedding gown train before the processional and rearranges for the recessional (if there no pages)
  • Holds bride’s bouquet during the ceremony and the groom’s ring
  • Bustles the bride’s train and removes headpiece before the reception
  • Keeps track of bride’s personal items at ceremony and reception
  • Stands next to the couple in the receiving line
  • Helps with introductions of guests and with directing photographer at reception
  • Sits on the bridegroom’s left at the bridal table
Your Princess Divas (Bridesmaids)
  • Help with prewedding activities and errands
  • Attend all prewedding parties
  • May co-host bridesmaids’ lunch or bachelorette party
  • May help prepare wedding favors and place cards
  • Stand with the couple in the receiving line
  • Circulate at the reception, acting as deputy hostesses
Little Divas (Junior Bridesmaids)
  • Usually 10-14 years old
  • Walk with the bridal party
  • May be dressed in smaller versions of the bridesmaids’ dresses or in dresses more appropriate for their age
  • May stand in receiving line
Your Man’s Main Man (Best Man)
  • Attends all prewedding parties the bridegroom attends
  • May act as second official witness for the marriage license
  • Makes sure groom arrives on time, properly dressed and prepared
  • Does not walk in the processional
  • Oversees the ushers, designates those who will escort the immediate family
  • Keeps rings, license, and any honeymoon tickets safely tucked away
  • Holds the bride’s wedding ring during the ceremony
  • Delivers the officiant’s fee
  • Stands in the receiving line
  • Keeps track of the bridegroom’s personal items at the reception
  • Delivers the first toast at the reception
  • Helps the bridegroom change for the honeymoon getaway
  • Makes sure all the luggage for the bride and groom is put into the getaway car
Buffalo Soldiers (Groomsmen/Ushers)
  • Assist the groom with any prewedding, wedding and post-wedding duties
  • Attends all prewedding parties the bridegroom attends
  • Seat guests at the ceremony
  • Unroll the aisle runner after the bride’s mother is seated
  • Decorate the getaway car
Pint-sized Petal Pusher (Flower Girl)
  • Usually 5-7 years old
  • Immediately precedes the bride in the processional, tossing petals along the runner
  • May carry guestbook around at the reception to collect signatures
Rubber Band Mini Man (Ring Bearer)
  • Carries clever substitutes for the wedding bands to the alter tied with ribbon to a satin pillow
  • Walks right before the Flower Girl in the processional and beside her in the recessional
  • Walk with the bridal party in the processional and recessional
Train Bearers
  • Walk in a pair right behind the bride and carry her train up and down the aisle