How to Turn Your Home into the Ultimate Staycation ‘Destination’

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While vacations sound like the best chance to unwind, planning a trip out of town—and getting there—can sometimes be more hassle than it’s worth. Here’s how to turn your home into a staycation “destination” that can be enjoyed any time you feel like it.

Upgrade Bedding

Give your bedroom a five-star hotel-grade makeover so you can enjoy that quality of rest found only on vacation. Shop for percale linens,  high-quality pillows and invest in window treatments that block out sound and light. So you can awaken when you choose to, not when the sun or neighbors intervene.

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Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Find your bliss by creating a spa-like retreat in your bathroom. Start by clearing unsightly clutter and using coordinating dispensers for bath products. Paint the walls in a hue that promotes relaxation –Think earthy tones, blues and greens.. Then add plants or fresh flowers for a pop of vibrant color.

Dimmer switches, waterproof speakers and a waterfall showerhead with different spray settings are just a few updates offering you flexibility to create different moods. All which can connect to a smart home device that remembers your preferences. For that warm, cozy feeling right out of the bath or shower, add in-floor heating and a towel warming drawer.

Add Backyard Touches

Show your backyard some love with a little landscaping and a few touches that replicate that vacation feel. An outdoor bar and kitchen can give you a dedicated place to wine and dine without having to constantly go in and out of the house. Install a hammock for long afternoons spent with a book.

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Explore Financing Options

When it comes to transforming your home into the ultimate destination, you won’t want to cut corners on what matters most to you. Whether that’s opting for the superior flat screen TV or getting just the right coffee table to complete the look of your living room.

To that end, check out easy and convenient financing options that offer buying empowerment and flexibility, such as the Synchrony HOME Credit Card. Using the card, you can shop for home goods at over a million home-related retail locations nationwide. Earning 2 percent back on purchases under $299, or six months promotional financing on purchases of $299 or more everywhere the card is accepted. In some cases, you can take advantage of even longer-term promotional financing offers, ranging from 12 to 60 months. Being able to pay off home purchases with convenient monthly payments can make life easier. By helping you manage cash flow and compartmentalize spending on all things home. To learn more, visit

Make “getting away from it all” as simple as taking a bath or enjoying a blockbuster from the comfort of your home. With smart renovation strategies, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need to truly relax.