13 Sweet & Spicy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples

Are you looking for a sweet idea to impress your Valentine or are you ready to spice up the night with your Valentine’s Day cutie? Whether you’re looking to get cozy with your main squeeze or turn the heat up between you two this Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up a list of 13 Valentine’s Day gift ideas—both spicy and sweet—for you and your boo-thing.

Couple's Star Map

The Start of Us Map

A sweet homage to where it all began. This literal star-studded map is an actual print of how the stars aligned when the two of you met. You can give them the date and time of your first date, your wedding day or any other day of significance to you as a couple and they will customize your map using astronomy technology. This decorative map from Modern Map Art on Etsy is easily one of the most thoughtful ideas to gift to your very special someone. etsy.com

Romantic Paris Getaway

A Romantic Parisian Getaway to Fauchon L’Hotel Paris

For a limited time, the Fauchon L’Hotel Paris is offering two super sweet, last-minute Valentine’s Day deals for you and your sweetheart. Surprise your beloved with a spur-of-the-moment getaway to the city of romance! The Fauchon L’Hotel Paris, situated on the Boulevard Malesherbes in the 8th Arrondissement, is within walking distance of a vast array of unforgettable dining establishments and luxury shops—did someone say, Champs-Élysées? With breathtaking sights and romance in the air, this experience is sure to be a retreat to remember. Book your trip to Paris today! hotel-fauchon-paris.fr/special-offers/valentines-day

Intimacy Deck Game

Intimacy Deck

Reignite the spark with these innovative and interactive communication cards designed to prompt you and your significant other into meaningful conversations. Put your phones away, take out the wine and get cozy while you both talk and discuss ideas and topics created to help you two get to know each other on a whole new level. bestself.co

Truffle Making Kit

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Take DIY to another level with this sweet candy-making kit! Making chocolate truffles has never been easier than this. With mouth-watering recipes and a whole lot of dark chocolate, you and your sweetie can embark on a tasty kitchen adventure as you learn to create your own truffles. The kit comes with instructions on how to temper and add variety to your chocolates and contains all the ingredients you’ll need to create these delectable Valentine’s Day treats. uncommongoods.com

Valentine's Collage Puzzle

Collage Squares Puzzle

Staying in this Valentine’s Day? Gift your boo a thoughtful and unique photo collage puzzle from Shutterstock. Choose your favorite moments captured through photos and make this a piece of memorabilia that they will never forget! Puzzles can range from as little as 60 pieces, to as many as 1,000. Get creative with your gift-giving this Valentine’s Day and get them a memorable gift worth keeping. shutterfly.com

Reasons I Love You Box

10 Reasons Why I Love You Keepsake Box 

Etched in wood. Get your sweetheart’s name etched on this customizable keepsake box and add in 10 reasons why you love them on individual, wooden hearts neatly placed inside. These sweet Valentine’s Day hearts are the perfect way to tell your beloved how much they mean to you. And yes, you will surely get all the brownie points for this one. etsy.com

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

For those who go the distance for their loved ones, these waterproof, silicone bracelets are designed to keep your sweetie close—even if they’re thousands of miles away. Available in five different colors, these bands make it easy to say, “I love you” with the tap of a finger. Combined with app technology, these bands are designed to help you remind your special someone that you’re thinking of them, no matter how far you may be. uncommongoods.com 

Love Is Art Gift

Love is Art Kit

For couples looking for a quirky way to add some unique flair to their Valentine’s Day, this art kit is designed to turn your love making into a literal masterpiece. Complete with black non-toxic body paint and a large white cotton canvas, this clever gift idea is sure to help you bring a little spontaneity—and plenty of laughter—into the bedroom. In the end, you’ll have a satisfied partner and a beautiful piece of your intimacy, in an art form, ready to display in your home. uncommongoods.com 

Matching Couples Underwear

Matching Undies

While matching PJ’s was cute for the holidays, matching undergarments might be what you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day for you and your bae. From thongs to boxer briefs, choose from a variety of patterns and colors to get that perfect fit for a sexy night-in. Whether you choose to Netflix or chill, these matching undies are a playful way to add some spice to a special night. meundies.com

Maude Massage Candle

Scented and sensual. Made with jojoba and soybean oils, this delectably scented candle doubles as a sultry massage oil. It’s the perfect way to pamper your sweetie with a sensual massage on Valentine’s night and beyond. getmaude.com

Gold Handcuff Bangles

Gold Bangles/Handcuffs 

Deck your cutie out with a gift that is both dainty and daring. These stackable bangles can be worn as a statement piece out and about or transformed into a sexy restraint in the bedroom. However they choose to wear it, your sweetheart will be both pleasantly surprised and turned on by this one-of-a-kind gift. unboundbabes.com

Dark Chocolate Body Paint

Dark Chocolate Body Paint

Made from premium grade hemp seed, this Valentine’s Day gift makes for a sexy—and deliciously sweet—time in the bedroom for all chocolate lovers. Designed as a way for playful couples to get their creative juices flowing, this dark chocolate paint is 100% edible and 100% guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. highonlove.store

Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare

Amp up the intrigue with a grown-up game of truth or dare. With 100 risqué options, challenge your cutie to a game and wait for the sparks to fly. Spice up your bland, boring Valentine’s date night with this blush-inducing gift idea. amazon.com

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