Wedding Fitness Before the Big Day

From workout routines to diet plans, brides pull out all the stops to make sure they are in tip-top shape come their wedding fitness. We asked Atlanta-based fitness trainer Aaron Robey to share his tips on what you can do now to help achieve your goals. Here, he offers advice that he gives his clients.

The process of getting married, from the time the engagement starts to that day at the altar, can be a combination of excitement and stress. The biggest thing that brides usually worry about is their wedding dress. And the second thing is how they will look in the dress. That is where wedding workouts come in to play.


Don’t miscalculate the effect of consistency. While it may be hard to find extra time in your daily routine to have a consistent fitness regime, carving out that time daily will yield results. It can be as simple as walking for a set amount of time every day or attending a workout class multiple times a week. Whatever you choose to do daily or weekly, just make sure you stay consistent, because over time, your body will adjust, and you’ll see results.

Make a plan

Having a plan is the blueprint for success. A plan will include the time that will work inside an event-filled day. For example, generally, it’s a great plan to work out in the morning so that it’s done and can’t be affected by the rest of the day. The time before a wedding always brings random situations that will consume time and energy throughout the day.

If you work out in the morning, you are in a fasted state, and your body is primed to burn stored fat instead of the foods you consume all day. This process is guaranteed to burn more calories. Get up, drink water and/or coffee and tea, and head to the gym.

Everybody’s goal is different, so I suggest hitting a full-body workout one day and two specific body parts the next day. Time is of the essence, so combining two different training routines increases your chances of building muscle and/or losing weight.

Classes are a great way to get a full-body workout in if you lack direction on the types of exercises needed. From CrossFit to boot camp to spin, these classes will burn calories if you push yourself.

CrossFit has many benefits in a time-crunching situation. It combines Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting and HITT cardio (any form of exercise that gets your heart rate above 75% of your max heart rate for 10 minutes or more). This will accelerate your goals 10 times.

When weight training, you need the proper form to prevent injury. I have seen clients rush to get in shape for photoshoots and disregard their safety with extreme and dangerous exercises. The pressure is on, but that doesn’t mean you need to be reckless. Hire a personal trainer if you lack proper knowledge for your given goal. Fitness e-books are heaven-sent. They do the research work for you. If you can follow directions, these will be key in preparing for your Big Day. Find a qualified author for an e-book, like me, and follow their lead.

Diet is very important

What you eat is an integral part of this preparation. Your diet determines how you will look. Keep your carbs, sodium and sugars as low as possible. This includes carbonated drinks, sugary juices and highly processed foods, e.g., potato chips and fast food. And yes, Chick-fil-A is fast food. Please stay away.

Carbohydrates fuel your body. But without the proper cardiovascular exercises, that fuel can turn into fat. Cutting out carbs in a daily lifestyle setting is almost impossible. Don’t starve yourself. The last thing you want to do is rebound (gain back the weight you lost) after your wedding.

Keep carbs limited to after your morning workout or as early as possible. Oatmeal is a great carb to consume. You also want to make sure that you include as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can, even if they’re in the form of a smoothie. I prefer pineapple and spinach. The fiber in spinach will keep you regular and reduce stomach bloating. Bromelain has been found to help in muscle recovery and growth. Pineapples are an excellent source of bromelain; you can eat them pre- and post-workout. And don’t forget to drink as much water as you possibly can.


Accountability is underappreciated. Working out with a partner helps boost your motivation to get in shape. Both of you want to look great for your Big Day. Combine forces and take a day or two to perform some form of exercise together.

You can even turn quality time with your fiancé into a workout with walks or hikes. Besides the cardiovascular benefits, communication is being exercised as well. It can make your bond grow stronger, and you can push each other when one is not 100% on a given day.

There are hundreds of tips and tricks on the internet concerning weight loss and muscle gain. It can be confusing. But if you have a solid plan, consistency and a rock-solid foundation, you can and will see results.