Wedding Planning Stress: Laugh About It

Wedding stress is real. 

And there is no doubt that you and your significant other have had your fair share of clashes thanks to it. At SIGNATURE BRIDE magazine, we want you to enjoy this time, and while we can’t take the stress away, we can offer you some advice: laugh!

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine. It brings people together and can help boost your mood by increasing the “feel good” hormones while decreasing the “stress” hormones. 

Recently, we became aware of the laughter yoga craze, and we are intrigued. OK, go ahead … laugh! 

What Is Laughter Yoga – How Can it Help with Wedding Planning Stress?

Laughter yoga, or hasyayoga, as it’s traditionally called, combines laughter exercises with deep yoga breathing techniques, bringing more oxygen to the body and brain, which makes us feel more energetic and healthier. It’s also a fun way to boost intimacy and connection with your partner, helping dissipate that wedding stress.

“Laughter is a wordless form of communication and links people together. Most importantly, laughter yoga allows you the opportunity to experience the present moment,” says husband-and-wife team Lauren and Alik Colbert, certified laughter yoga teachers and owners of Laughing Lovebugs.

In laughter yoga sessions, you laugh deliberately and intentionally. According to, laughter is initiated as a body exercise in a group setting and with eye contact and childlike playfulness. It is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides similar physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Note: Intentional laughter will oftentimes turn into real and contagious laughter! 

The Benefits for Your Wedding Planning Stress

Laughter yoga is perhaps the only exercise routine that helps to ease physical, mental, and emotional stress all at the same time, something so important during wedding planning stress. Scientific studies show that laughter yoga strengthens the immune system, increases the presence of infection-fighting antibodies, alleviates pain, relieves tensions, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar, and keeps the heart healthy. 

Other proven benefits include a boost in confidence and motivation, reduced burnout, and improved sleeping patterns. 

“Laughter yoga has improved the quality of our relationship. We are more connected and bond closer since being on this journey,” says Lauren Colbert.

Prior to laughter yoga, Colbert says she would have extreme emotional reactions when she and Alik experienced stressful moments. She did not understand how to manage the intensity of the emotions she felt when they experienced any tension in the relationship. As a result of emotional immaturity, she experienced a lot of remorse for saying things to her husband when they had disagreements that she later regretted.

He, on the other hand, coped with stressful relationship issues by taking walks to release stress because he did not know any other tools to cope with or release pent-up feelings and emotions. As a result, the relationship issues at hand would go unresolved. “Laughter yoga practice has improved my emotional intelligence and allows me a healthy emotional release,” he says. 

Want To Try but Your Partner Doesn’t?

If your partner is unwilling to jump on board to try a session, the Colberts suggest you encourage an open mind. “I was initially a reluctant first-time participant, but since laughter yoga is not reliant on comedy, good mood, or a sense of humor, I fake laughed. There is no wrong way to laugh,” says Alik Colbert. 

Laughter yoga is taught worldwide, with an estimated 5,000 laughter yoga clubs. Laughing Lovebugs currently offers customized laughter yoga sessions for individuals, groups, couples, and more in the Trenton, New Jersey, area. To find a certified trainer where you live, go to To book an in-person or virtual laughter yoga session with Laughing Lovebugs, go to