Pinterest Reveals Wedding Trends for 2022

Pinterest is inspiring a new look to walking down the aisle during the 2022 wedding season, said to be one of the busiest on record as couples make up for canceled, altered and postponed celebrations due to COVID-19. More than 400 million Pinners turn to Pinterest for life’s biggest moments, looking for inspiration to plan…

Avoiding Family Drama

Planning a wedding has never been without its own unique stress and drama. From the venue to the hors d’oeuvres, everything can send the sweetest bride-to-be into full Bridezilla mode. While there are several uncontrollable factors that add to the stress and drama of the Big Day, nothing can turn nuptials upside down like wedding…

6 Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Say thank you to your squad in style.  Though there is no fast rule saying you need to give gifts to your bridal squad, it’s a thoughtful gesture to show how much you appreciate them and thank them for being a part of your journey. Whether they are friends since childhood, your family or your…

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

A professional photographer will have the skill and artistry in capturing those beautiful candid moments, as well as the more formal portraits you may…

Unique Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Menu

Selecting a wedding menu can be overwhelming. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding or an intimate gathering, a curated wedding menu can be a memorable way to connect your guests to your culture or favorite cuisines.  While the classic menu choices of chicken or fish are an…

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As people of the African Diaspora, we have inherited a strong connection to the earth.

Lighting: Why it Should be in the Budget

Lighting elevates the overall look of the entire wedding design, yet it is often overlooked by couples when planning their wedding. Without the right lighting, a wedding design will always look flat.